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One More Week


At exactly this time in one week, I’ll most likely be heading down to Vancouver International Airport for my flight to Tokyo, Japan. That means I only have five or six more days to get everything sorted again before I take off – I’m starting to feel the pressure! The most pressing issue is packing up my room and taking everything down to my storage locker. My brother in law is coming on Friday to help me move my bed back to Chilliwack, and I need to have everything sorted and boxed up by then. That means the next two nights are likely to be busy. But the bright side is that I should be mostly done in time to enjoy the weekend. On Monday or Tuesday (I still haven’t decided yet), I’ll make my way to a hotel and have a little breather before I leave. Back in January […]

Nine Days In Tokyo


I’ve been going through some old photos recently, and was reminded of a trip I took a few years ago to Japan. I spent nine days there and thought I would give a little overview of the trip and would I ultimately thought of Tokyo Travel From Vancouver At the time the flight to Tokyo was the longest I had ever experienced. From Vancouver it’s approximately a ten hour flight over the Pacific Ocean. I remember how weird it was looking out of the plane on the way back and realizing I was over Vancouver Island – prior to that trip, I had always flown in the other direction, which meant a return a flight always approached Vancouver from the east. The main airport in Tokyo, Narita, is actually almost an hour and a half outside of the city centre. Thankfully there are many airport shuttles that can take one […]

Duane's Guide To Visiting Tokyo: Part I


Someone on Twitter tomorrow asked for some advice on things to see and do in Tokyo, so I thought I’d write a bit about my trip in April of 2006. At the last minute, my employer asked me to attend a SIP interoperability conference in Tokyo. Since I had never been to Asia before, I thought it would be a pretty awesome trip. Derek and I left Vancouver sometime in the afternoon on a Saturday I believe, and we landed in Tokyo 10 hours later. Narita airport is actually more than an hour outside of Tokyo, so even after you land you still have a fairly long trek to get into the city. Derek and I paid for shuttle transportation to take us to our hotel in the Tokyo Dome region of the city. Since I can rarely sleep on airplanes, I spent most of that flight just staring at […]