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Matthew Good, Live At Massey Hall – Updated

Written on September 25th, 2008

In just a few weeks, Matthew Good’s newest album, Matthew Good – Live At Massey Hall, will be released in an iTunes exclusive event. For those of you who haven’t been out to Toronto, Massey Hall is one of Canada’s most prestigious music halls, and has some of the best acoustics I’ve heard in a venue before. From Matt’s site: Live At Massey Hall is the first live release of Matthew Good’s career. Recorded at Toronto’s landmark Massey Hall in May of 2008, it is an unaltered recording of that night’s performance. The iTunes exclusive release date is set for […]

Bloggers Kick Ass

Written on January 20th, 2008

I watched Test The Nation tonight to see how the Bloggers and Rebecca faired on the show. The bloggers, in pure geeky awesomeness, managed the win! Here’s a shot of Rebecca holding the winning trophy! Photo by Miss604 Congrats guys! You did us all proud. John Biehler posted some great clips of Rebecca rocking Test The Nation. Check it out (and listen to the idiots booing in the background — I guess they thought they’d win?) I’m bookmarking your blog too.

Ode To Air Canada's Ass

Written on January 20th, 2008

I hate Air Canada, really I do. They have screwed me over so many times and are at least partially responsible for how much I hate flying these days. The last time they gave it to me was last year coming back from Boston. I arrived 90 minutes before my flight and was told that due to weather they were going to delay us a while in the airport. Since I was hungry and needed a beer, I said no problem. So, they booked me on a flight two hours later and said it would be fine. The funny thing […]

Miss604 Heading To Test The Nation

Written on January 19th, 2008

I was up late playing around with some stuff on the computer, and didn’t manage to actually lay down until around 2:30am. I figured since I was getting up at 6:30am to drive Rebecca to the airport that four hours should be enough time. Unfortunately I think forgot to factor in the amount of caffeine I had had over the course of the evening. So when my alarm started beeping at 6:30am, I realized I hadn’t really had any sleep yet. Upon arriving at the airport, Rebecca had a call from her people out in Toronto letting her know that […]

Air Canada Emergency Landing

Written on January 10th, 2008

Just read that an Air Canada flight from Victoria to Toronto was forced to make an emergency landing in Calgary due to turbulence. Apparently the plane hit a patch of turbulence that sent a pile of people into the ceiling. I would have probably shit my pants had that happened on my flight. My last flight to Kelowna was pretty bad, and my glasses came off at one point, but thankfully my head didn’t encountered the ceiling. Half a dozen passengers were badly injured after an Air Canada plane bucked in midair on a flight across Canada, probably because of […]

Raymi's Art Show

Written on January 6th, 2008

Tuesday evening, Toronto blogger and artist Raymi (Lauren White) will be down at the Crooked Star showing off some of her art and meeting people. If you’re in the Toronto area, make sure you pop by with lots of money. The event kicks off at 7pm, and looks like it will go into the wee hours of the morning. There’s a facebook event associated with it, and you can find it here. Best of luck Raymi.

Sweet Dreams

Written on January 2nd, 2008

I rarely dream, or remember them at least. Last night however, I had one of the best nights of dreaming in a long time. Most of them were a bit messed up, and a few of them were of the past. I woke up at around 5am this morning actually feeling like it was about ten years ago based on some dreams I was having. That’s a strange feeling. Then, at 6am, the fire alarm went off, so I spent the first few minutes trying to find something to wear downstairs, and then evetually stumbled down 15 flights of stairs […]

Back Home From NYE in Toronto

Written on January 1st, 2008

Well, I made it. I had originally been scheduled to fly out on the 2nd of January, but since I figured everyone would be tired and hungover on the 1st that I’d just head back then and get rested up for the grind again. After everyone left the hotel, I called West Jet to see if there were any openings on any flights. Pretty much the only one that worked was the 7am flight out of Toronto. Since it was already 4am, I figured I might as well just head to the airport and sleep on the plane. Of course, […]

Toronto, Day Two

Written on December 30th, 2007

I spent most of the morning in bed on my second day of Toronto, which was fine by me since the bed here is super comfy. The rest of the day is pretty much a blur for me. Tony and I met Christie for lunch, and then walked around and did a bit of shopping. I picked up a nice scarf and Tony got some gloves and a hat, so we’re both officially winter people now. After that I went back to the hotel and had a little nap prior to the little hockey game party we had at my […]

Toronto, Day One

Written on December 29th, 2007

Well, judging from the beer bottles all around me and the chinese food stain on the bed, I think I had a pile of fun last night. I did my best to keep track of how many beers I had via facebook, but it looks like I lost count at the end or had trouble counting. I went with Raymi and Phil to the hospital when I arrived in the hotel since she hasn’t been feeling that well. There they gave my a Christmas present, which included this cute little guy that plays the guitar (thanks guys, I’ll post a […]