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Traveller Profile: Alexandra Kovacova


This is the first post in an ongoing series where I’ll be featuring a few of the travellers I’ve encountered on the road or whose web sites I’ve frequented during my travels. First up is Alexandra Kovacova, also known as the CrazySexyFunTraveler. I’ve chatted with Alex a few times on Twitter about travel, and asked her a few questions which she graciously answered for this post: First, what’s your name and where are you originally from? My name is Alexandra Kov·Ëov· and I was born in a small Slovak town Snina. People at home call me Saöka, but abroad I’m known just as Alex. Where are you now, and what made you decide to visit there? It is very weird as I have been living abroad for 8 years already, but right now I am back at home, in Slovakia, for the summer. I came to visit my family and […]