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The Shadows Within

Written on November 1st, 2007

Nearly one year ago today, four guys that I had never met before decided it would be a good idea to put my face through the plate glass window of a 7-11. Prior to that one moment in time, now forever etched into my memory, I was upstairs at the Railway Club in Vancouver, enjoying a few beers with some friends in celebration of their wedding earlier that night. Upon exiting the building, somewhere between catching a cab and eating a bag of nachos, I overheard these four guys harassing a bunch of girls just a few feet away from […]

As good as it gets

Written on October 9th, 2007

I had a meeting with my plastic surgeon today to talk about the last surgery I had. It’s been a little over five months now, so in terms of results, everything should be stable. In my opinion, the position of my eye, while better, is still not perfect. In addition, I still have double vision in the top-left version of my visual field. My plastic surgeon did a few simple tests on me, mainly involving looking at my eye and tracking its movement using a finger. At least to my surgeon, the results are acceptable and do not warrant another […]

Set in Motion

Written on April 29th, 2007

Friday afternoon I had yet another enlightening visit down at St. Paul’s hospital. I actually went in rather grumpy and upset with the whole process, but about five minutes into it was greated by a really cute, friendly medical student. So, my spirits rose pretty quickly to the point where I was making light of the whole situation. It was actually rather funny, because the first little bit of dialog went like this: Cute student: “so why are you here today?” Me: “I have no idea” Cute student: “what do you mean you have no idea? You came in.” Me: […]

Saturday Night Assault

Written on November 8th, 2006

Normally I’d be writing about Erin’s wedding, posting some photos and saying what I good time I had. Unfortunately, something happened on the way home that night that sort of changed the focus of this blog entry. After the wedding, a few of us decided to go down to the Railway Club for a few more drinks. After it was over, everyone slowly made their way into cabs and headed back home. I was the last guy to get one, so since it was proving difficult to get a cab, I made my way into the store right beside the […]