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Back In The Swing Of Things


About two months ago I was packing up my items in Buenos Aires, getting ready to fly to New York City and then to Europe. I’ve been out in Port Coquitlam now for almost a month and am pretty much back into the swing of my normal routine here. I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the summer, and of course what my plans are after that. Everything is still up in the air, but here’s how I think things will shape out. I’ve been planning for quite some time to take most of July and August off. I have a few little personal side projects to work on as well as some house keeping items over at BNC, but mostly I plan to spend my days playing tennis, riding my bike, and of course camping. I managed to go camping a few times last summer, but I was actually […]

The First Of February, More Trip Ideas


I don’t know why, but I’m excited that it’s a new month. Maybe because I’m fully booked for my trip to Igauza falls in 17 days, or possibly because it’s a trip to Machu Picchu is probably on the horizon. Either way, I’m feeling fine, and today is a new day in a new month. I left Vancouver on January 4th, so that means I’ve been here nearly a month now. Time flies. I have a little widget on my phone with my rough itinerary in it, and it says I have 57 days left in Buenos Aires. I fly out on March 30th for New York City, where I’ll be meeting my business partner and his girlfriend for a few days of site-seeing, and hopefully some deep dish italian pizza for my birthday! It won’t technically be my birthday until I arrive in Ireland, but it’ll be close enough […]

Sunshine, Windy Times, Dirty Clothes


How’s that for a title? It’ll pretty much sum my day up when it’s all over. For whatever reason, I’ve been super tired lately. Despite getting a fairly normal amount of sleep during the week, I’ve hit the last few weekends completely exhausted. Yesterday, for example, I spent a few hours sleeping on the couch by the fire. Upon waking up in the early evening, I watched a few movies, and then went straight to bed, sleeping in until around 10am (after the time change). It definitely feels great, but I really don’t know why I’m so tired lately. Friday afternoon I went out to see Matt and the boys rehearse. I can’t say I’ve ever seen rehearsals for a big tour before, so it was cool to check it out. I’ve seen Matt do a few sound checks before, but to sit for three or four hours and watch […]



The tendency for a body at rest to stay at rest, and for a body in motion to stay in motion. Two important states, to be sure. For me, I find myself bouncing between those two states from time to time, often as a result of some cycle I’m trying to break. Most of the time, that cycle for me starts with lack of sleep, and progresses into this weird state of limbo where I’m constantly feeling unhealthy. The last time I felt I totally got away from it was back in May, back when I was going to the gym routinely and eating meals at home the majority of the time. I’m close to getting back there, but lately I’ve had a pretty hard time getting a good night’s rest. Last night I felt pretty bagged at around 9pm, so I crawled into bed. At around 2am I was […]