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The Fracturing Of Content


I sat down right now to write a blog entry, and this is the one I came up with. There have been numerous entries on various websites over the last few weeks that have hinted that blogging is dead. While I don’t necessarily believe them, I can’t help but see some truth in a few of their statements. First, let it not be forgotten that the *ability* to blog is at an all time maximum. Thanks to the work of Automattic and WordPress, it’s relatively painless to start a blog, either on WordPress.com or on your own hosted server. That […]

TweetDuJour – The Best Twitters On The Web


Over a few beers a few weeks ago at the AdHack launch party, Jay Grandin and I started talking about Twitter and thought it would be pretty cool to have some place to showcase all the best tweets from the web. We did a quick domain name check and realized that TweetDuJour.com was available. Since I had my iPhone with me, I quickly purchased it. After work tonight I decided to finally whip something together really quick for it. We created a user on Twitter called TDJ (Tweet Du Jour) and tied its @replies into the TweetDuJour website. We’re hoping […]

So Long Myspace


Friday afternoon I logged into my myspace account after a long absence and, after debating about it for about 3 seconds, deleted my account entirely. It’s not like it caused me any headache or anything, but I just don’t use it really at all anymore and don’t have time to maintain that and my facebook account. So, after searching around for a while, I managed to find the “Delete Account” button and forever put it into the trash. Anyone else actually still use myspace, or has everyone migrated to Facebook now? Also, a few people have been tracking my new […]

Twitter Updates from WordPress


I took a quick break this afternoon from work and decided to hash out a quick WordPress plugin that would push my blog entries into my Twitter feed. The end result is WordTwit, and it’s available for download if anyone wants to try it on their WordPress blog. Drop me a comment or two and let me know what you think.