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Four More Days


In just four days, I get to swing out to Chilliwack and grab the keys for my new place. First thing I’m looking forward to is turning the heat on in the new apartment, as it was pretty cold there when I swung by for a visit in December. My furniture is supposed to be delivered on January 20th, but I think I’m going to put the call in to deliver it on the morning on the 15th or something. I have to leave work a bit early on the 14th to make it to Chilliwack in time to do the walk-through on my place, but I’d like to do that part myself and meet my landlord as well. I’m planning on leaving my car in Chilliwack from that point on, so I’ll probably take a bus or catch a ride with my dad to the skytrain on the Thursday […]

The Holidays And The Move


On Monday I made the trek to Chilliwack out from Vancouver. The timing was actually perfect, since the roads were fairly bare when I left Vancouver, and are now pretty clogged up with snow. It’s been snowing off and on here in Chilliwack, but at least driving around is feasible. The forecast is currently calling for rain for the next few days, followed by more snow probably on Monday. That basically means I’ll be making the journey back into Vancouver sometime this weekend, hopefully before the next wave of God’s winter-fury hit’s British Columbia. So far, it’s been a very relaxing time out at home. I’ve been bouncing between my dad’s house and my sister’s house, and have had a chance to visit most family members so far, which is great. I have to say though, it’s a bit strange being out here knowing that in just a few weeks […]