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Video Update: Buenos Aires, Day 16


Here’s a little video update from Buenos Aires using Photobooth. Not entirely sure why I was doing the Stevie Wonder while it was going on, but whatever. I also said my Spanish lessons are $90/month, when they are more like $90/week. But, enjoy! If people like these kind of updates I’ll try and do more of them. Video Update: Day 16 in Buenos Aires from Duane Storey on Vimeo.

Rain, Rain, Go Away


It seems like it’s been raining out here forever. Maybe it’s because I spend so much time at home lately, and I can constantly hear the little pitter-patter of raindrops on the rooftop vents. Regardless, it’s making me more and more excited to be on the beach in about seven days now. Tomorrow I’m taking it pretty easy since it’s a stat holiday. That said, we’re going to push out some quick updates for WordTwit and WPtouch which should hopefully allow the two to start working together. If you use WordTwit, WPtouch will soon be able to show all your recent Tweets. It should be a pretty cool addition, and you can look forward to additional coupling between all our plugins in the near future. Right after we release the PHP upon the world, I have to head out and find a dry-cleaner. I have a wedding on Saturday to […]