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Living In A Cave


I had a guy come up to me at work today (yes, you know who you are) and complain because my blog didn’t look good in IE6. If you’re using IE6, and you’ve having problems, here’s what you should do: Upgrade to a real browser!!! Seriously, Firefox is free and I believe so is IE7 now. I really don’t have the time to customize every theme for every browser. IE6 is old and it’s so not standards compliant it’s not even funny. Stop living in a cave and upgrade to something decent already. And if you don’t want to, then subscribe to my RSS feed and read my blog that way.

The Vista that Broke the Camel's Back


Most of you that know me have undoubtedly seem me cursing at my computer furiously this past week or punching my laptop from time to time. The reason for this sudden change in behaviour stems from my recent installation of Windows Vista. Somehow, that whole process turned a pretty decent laptop into something completely unusable. So today, while trying to edit some photos at Northern Voice, I realized that I just couldn’t go on using my laptop the way it was. Everything was really slow and most applications crashed from time to time (especially Photoshop). Since I’m about to leave on vacation, and I really need a laptop to take with me, I debated spending the first day of my vacation reinstalling XP on my laptop. Which would obviously suck, but something really needed to be done. And then, looking around at my peers in the Forest Sciences Center at […]