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Buenos Aires Update: T-Minus 8 Days


So, I’ve lost track of how many days that I’ve been here. I was originally coming for something like 87 days, so it must be near day 80 or so. As the title of the post says, I’m down to only 8 days left. I spent the weekend down in Ushuaia, Argentina, the southernmost city in the world. I had a great time, and was almost sad to leave when the time came. Staying in a hostel was a great experience, and I always had people around. Compared to Buenos Aires, where I work mostly solo during the weeks, it was nice to have some company around again, even if for a few days. I’ll do a full trip review as soon as I have an evening to spare here, but I’ll highlight a few things. First, I did indeed see penguins, and they are as cute as I imagined. […]

Update From The End Of The World: Ushuaia, Argentina


I´m currently at the Antarctica Hostel in the city of Ushuaia, Argentina, affectionately called the city at the end of the world. This is officially the southern most city in the entire world, so it´s pretty amazing to be here. I´ll do a proper trip report when I´m back in Buenos Aires, but since I have a few hours to kill before my penguin tour later today, I thought I would do a quick update. The keyboard I´m using in the hostel is prety funky, and many of the keys are out of place compared to a normal keyboard. So, this entry is pretty slow going! But I´m having a really great time here so far. Unlike Buenos Aires, I don´t feel out of place here, probably due to the fact that many people in Ushuaia are tourists. The town reminds me of a cross between Whitehorse, Halifax, and Haines, […]

Ushuaia Bound


While I technically am leaving for Ushuaia in two days, for all intents and purposes (due to the early nature of my flight), I basically leave tomorrow evening. I’m excited about Ushuaia for lots of reasons. First, the weather is a lot colder down there compared to Buenos Aires. The high on Thursday is 9C, and the low is 6C. That’s almost what the weather is like back home in Vancouver as well. While a lot of people like really hot climates, I’m not really one of them. I would rather be too cold than too hot – you can always put another shirt on, but if you’re already sweating and not wearing a shirt there’s not much you can do. Second, St. Patrick’s Day. Ushuaia has bragging rights on having the southern most Irish pub in the world. Since I arrive on St. Patties Day, I’m eventually going to […]

Buenos Aires, Day 65 Update


Yes sports fans, it’s time for another update. Today is day 65 in Buenos Aires. About an hour ago I had my last hair-cut in the city, and going forward there are a bunch of “lasts” about to happen. In fact, it seems like most of the expats I’ve met in the city are already gone or on their way out. A guy named Emerick from Montreal left two weeks ago, and another guy from New York is leaving this weekend. I suspect many people came to experience a summer in Buenos Aires, and now that summer is trailing off, it’s time to leave. Everyone I’ve talked to had enjoyed their time here, but like me, are now ready to leave. According to my little widget, I have 18 days left in the city (technically 19 days, but my widget is counting down to the day I leave my apartment). […]

From North To South


Next weekend I’m off to visit the southern most city in the entire world, Ushuaia, Argentina. From there, many people hop on a cruise ship and head down to Antarctica. It’s an expensive trip to Antarctica, starting at around $5,000 a person, but spending a day or two visiting one of the most remote parts of the world is apparently well worth the price. I will not be visiting Antarctica, but I will be visiting the Antarctica Hostel, located close to the Beagle Channel and in the shadow of the tail end of the Andes mountain range. Ushuaia will obviously be the most south I’ve ever been in the world, but I was trying to figure out the most north I’ve been today. I did a road trip up to Dawson City years ago, which is at 64.04 degrees North. I also went to northern Finland a few years ago […]

Journey To The End Of The World


Well, I just did it – I booked a trip to Ushuaia, Argentina, the southern most city on the entire planet. I was originally going to go to Machu Picchu during that time slot, but once I learned that the southern most Irish pub in the world was in Ushuaia and that St. Patrick’s Day would align with the day I arrived, the decision became easy. As you can see from the above map, Ushuaia is about as far south as you can get on the planet, other than Antarctica of course. In fact, many of the ships that go to Antarctica leave from Ushuaia. If I had more time, I would consider making the journey there, but I’m content on this trip simply to enjoy Ushuaia. To save a bit of cash I’ll be staying in the Antarctica Hostel. I picked the Antarctica Hostel because it has stellar reviews […]

Buenos Aires, Day 30


Hard to believe, but at this time about a month ago I was boarding a plane in Vancouver to start my big adventure. I was trying to remember my flight down here, and other than a few moments in the airport and on the plane, I don’t really recall too much of it. Truthfully it seems like a very long time ago already. I’ve been in Buenos Aires now for 30 days, and have seen quite a bit of it. A month ago I didn’t know how to do laundry, didn’t have a phone here, wasn’t able to order food in a restaurant, and had no idea where the best places were to get money. Thirty days later I have most of those basic tasks in the bag, so things are starting to get easier for me. I had my last spanish lesson the other day. It wasn’t actually supposed […]

The First Of February, More Trip Ideas


I don’t know why, but I’m excited that it’s a new month. Maybe because I’m fully booked for my trip to Igauza falls in 17 days, or possibly because it’s a trip to Machu Picchu is probably on the horizon. Either way, I’m feeling fine, and today is a new day in a new month. I left Vancouver on January 4th, so that means I’ve been here nearly a month now. Time flies. I have a little widget on my phone with my rough itinerary in it, and it says I have 57 days left in Buenos Aires. I fly out on March 30th for New York City, where I’ll be meeting my business partner and his girlfriend for a few days of site-seeing, and hopefully some deep dish italian pizza for my birthday! It won’t technically be my birthday until I arrive in Ireland, but it’ll be close enough […]