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The Travel Bug


When many people think of traveling, their thoughts often gravitate towards all inclusive trips, usually containing a beach, a buffet, and a week escape from the daily grind. In North America especially, those pre-packaged vacations are generally the only options for people to take, since their vacations are often only a week or two long in duration. But world travel isn’t just about the places you go; it’s also about the physical and personal journeys that it takes to get there and the growth that often occurs along the way. It involves mishaps, missteps, and a natural learning process that takes someone from humility, to perseverance, to understanding, and beyond. Planes, cars, airports, and busses are important, but they are simply the secondary characters in a larger play – they help advance the plot, but they aren’t the story. When I went to Argentina earlier this year, I purposefully wanted […]