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Best Wishes For Clay


So while many of us suffer from the end products of love, and some of us end up broken hearted, my friend Clay is the only guy I know who actually has, quite literally, a broken heart. Photo from here. Clay is currently down at St. Paul’s hospital getting a coronary bypass operation. Not a very enjoyable way to spend Valentine’s day. I just called down and he’s still in surgery. I’ll probably swing by later tonight if he’s out of the ICU, or more than likely tomorrow. If anyone has that stupid fish game with the hoops and the water, let me know. I’m sure Clay will swing by my blog in a few days and check it out, so if anyone wants to leave some well wishes, just drop a comment for him.

Valentine's Day Wrap-up


Well, this day is finally over, so I can write about it. I cracked a bottle of wine at 6:30pm and started going through some old photos for something to do. I decided about mid way through that I would use the opportunity to try out some wines that I’ve been meaning to check out for a while. At around 10pm Tiffany strolled by and helped me on the drinking front. It was a pretty decent evening. I gotta get to bed for a 9am conference call tomorrow, but here are a few photos from today.

Valentine's Day


I just looked at my computer clock and realized that today is Valentine’s day, and here I am, on my couch in the dark, alone. I talked with my ex-girlfriend briefly on the phone tonight, asked how she was doing, what she was up to, the same old same old. We were trying to figure out a time to get together for dinner, and she said that Wednesday night was obviously out. And even though I wanted to ask, I didn’t. Because really, who wants to know what their ex is doing for Valentine’s day? So, what do I plan to do? I’m not really sure, but I imagine it’s going to involve some liquor down at a local watering hole. Maybe my random act of kindness for Wednesday will be to wash away a few of my own memories in a flood of beer, to hang out with some […]