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Vancouver Fashion Week, April 2008


Tomorrow marks the first event for the Vancouver Fashion Week, 2008 Spring Edition. I had a media pass last year and spent a few evenings taking photos. If I remember correctly, the only downside to the event (in my opinion) was that I thought most of the models lacked enthusiasm. I also remember wishing I had brought a flash to the opening event, so if anyone is going, I’d recommend bringing one. While I love photography, it’s fairly dull sitting at the end of a runway for an hour taking the same shot over and over again, and I really appreciated the models that mixed it up a bit or added their own personal flare to the event. Tomorrow is basically the opening Gala at the Opus Hotel, followed by an event at Bar None. Once again I have a media pass, so I’ll have full access to the events. […]

Vancouver Fashion Week Show


So this afternoon I headed down to a little church in east Vancouver to shoot some photos for Vancouver fashion week. Thanks to Urban Vancouver I have been able to acquire a media pass so that I basically have full access at all these events (something that I didn’t realize until today, since the pass I received today was exactly the same as the one I had on Thursday night). Today was a mix of dresses and lingerie, and I had a really great time hanging out with some of the people I had met at the opening night gala the other day. And to be honest, while I have seen some amazing fashion and some cute girls, I’m really surprised at how unenthusiastic most of the models seem. Every once and a while you get a girl or guy who clearly enjoys what they are doing, but most people […]

Vancouver Fashion Week


This weekend in Vancouver is the annual Vancouver Fashion Week. I had the opportunity the other night to attend the opening bash down at Bar None in Yaletown. I had a really great time taking photographs and interacting with a lot of the local models and clothing designers. There are events all weekend, so make sure to check out their main web site if you are interested in seeing some local fashion. I just got an email saying I was on the guest list for the swim suit portion today, so I may have to head out and check that out, even though I really don’t have much time this weekend. I also did a small post over at Urban Vancouver if anyone is interested.