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Almost Vegas


Right now, in Las Vegas, is the huge Blog World Expo. Most of the Vancouver tech-scene is down there, including Rebecca, & Arieanna and Ianiv. Last night I decided to head down this morning and join them until Monday morning, since it looked like they were having such a great time. I actually found a pretty decent flight special late last night, and I booked it for this morning. Unfortunately, when 5am rolled around and I had to get up for the airport this morning, I didn’t really feel all that well. Plus, doing six hours worth of plane travel […]

Sick in San Francisco


Somewhere over the Nevada desert, sometime at around noon on Saturday, I started to sneeze. It started with a little tickle in my nose, and escalated to three really huge sneezes out of nowhere. Two days later, my nose won’t stop running, it hurts behind my eyes, my joints are sore, and my lungs feel like they are filled with fluid. If I didn’t really have any mental capacity, I might be worried, but right now this just seems like some really weird, sudden onset cold or something. The past two days I’ve woken up with a sore throat, so […]

First Rollerblade of the Season


That’s right. Yours truly finally got his butt off the couch long enough to go outside and get some exercise. I’m happy to report that I managed to rollerblade at a pretty good clip for a whole half-hour without puking or anything. I guess you could say this officially kicks off my getting-in-shape thing (please don’t search the archives for the last time I said this). I’m going to be attending a pool party in Las Vegas next Friday, and I’m hoping that with enough effort I can lose twenty pounds by then and look absolutely smokin’ with my shirt […]