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Almost Vegas


Right now, in Las Vegas, is the huge Blog World Expo. Most of the Vancouver tech-scene is down there, including Rebecca, & Arieanna and Ianiv. Last night I decided to head down this morning and join them until Monday morning, since it looked like they were having such a great time. I actually found a pretty decent flight special late last night, and I booked it for this morning. Unfortunately, when 5am rolled around and I had to get up for the airport this morning, I didn’t really feel all that well. Plus, doing six hours worth of plane travel seemed less fun than it did the night before. So anyways, needless to say, I canceled my flight and went back to sleep, waking up shortly before noon. The good news is that I feel fairly rested today, and am sitting around in my boxers listening to music, making breakfast […]

First Rollerblade of the Season


That’s right. Yours truly finally got his butt off the couch long enough to go outside and get some exercise. I’m happy to report that I managed to rollerblade at a pretty good clip for a whole half-hour without puking or anything. I guess you could say this officially kicks off my getting-in-shape thing (please don’t search the archives for the last time I said this). I’m going to be attending a pool party in Las Vegas next Friday, and I’m hoping that with enough effort I can lose twenty pounds by then and look absolutely smokin’ with my shirt off. A guy can dream, can’t he?