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Video Update: Buenos Aires, Day 16


Here’s a little video update from Buenos Aires using Photobooth. Not entirely sure why I was doing the Stevie Wonder while it was going on, but whatever. I also said my Spanish lessons are $90/month, when they are more like $90/week. But, enjoy! If people like these kind of updates I’ll try and do more of them. Video Update: Day 16 in Buenos Aires from Duane Storey on Vimeo.

BlueRay Not Doing So Hot


This isn’t really a huge surprise to me, but apparently BlueRay sales aren’t doing very well at all. In fact, sales of BlueRay went down last month compared to the month before. There are probably a lot of reasons why other people aren’t buying them, namely the high price of current BlueRay players. But in terms of me, I’m not buying one simply because I’m still pissed off from the whole HD-DVD/BlueRay battle. On my shelf at home is a now useless HD-DVD player, which I purchased thinking HD-DVD would be around a little while longer. Since the industry basically screwed consumers with that whole debacle, I’m fighting back a bit with my wallet. Sony hoped to have a 50% market share this year, and right now they are sitting around 8% I think. Given that internet speeds are climbing fast, and that Apple TV now rents pseudo HD films, […]

New Integrated Flickr Video Player


So I felt like flexing my brain a bit tonight. Everyone has been going rather stir crazy over Flickr video, so tonight I uploaded a few and played around. Two things I really like: The quality is really good They let you use whatever aspect ratio you want Those are two big wins in my eyes. Anyways, I reverse engineered their RSS feed a bit, and modified the Crossroads plugin to handle video. The end result is now on my website, and you can play with it my clicking on the videos listed in the sidebar. Have fun!

More Videos?


I’ve sort of gotten tired of dragging my big digital SLR with me everywhere, so lately I’ve been taking along my little Canon point and shoot, which by comparison takes garbage photos, but the size and weight of it is attractive. I’ve been thinking I might start taking a pile more videos just for the hell of it. While this video is completely boring, I just decided to give a quick virtual tour of my apartment, with a quick video of how nice a day it is in Vancouver. Don’t worry, they’ll get better.