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My Visit To Malta


I left Vancouver approximately five weeks ago, and headed for Malta via Paris. My ultimate goal was to end up in Serbia, but I thought I would stop and visit two friends of mine that I met in Kuala Lumpur last year: Krisztina and Debbie. Here’s a summary of my one-week visit to Malta. Despite all the travel I do, I actually really hate flying, and would say I have a mild phobia. To counteract that, I usually have a bottle of Ativan (anti-anxiety medication) with me on the plane. For short haul flights (generally less than an hour or so), I typically don’t bother, since I’ll end up feeling a bit loopy after the plane lands. But anything over that amount of time and I usually pop a pill to calm my nerves on the plane. That’s why for the most part I generally stick with bigger name schedule […]

Weekend With The Boys


Two of my friends, Dale and Patrick, are currently out from Ontario visiting. For the most part, it’s been a university type weekend, filled with late movie nights and copious amounts of beer. We’ve also been eating for six people, even though we’re only three, thanks mainly in part to Patt’s love of cooking. On Saturday we woke up in the morning and decided it was such a nice day that we’d head down to Stanley park for a few hours. We ended up on the patio at Lift, drinking a few beers around their outdoor fire pit. Jump ahead a few hours later and we found ourselves visiting a friend in the suite of a local downtown hotel. We really didn’t plan anything in Vancouver, since we were only planning on hanging out for a few hours, but decided afterwards to head over to our friend Chad’s house in […]

Big T's In The House


My dad is coming out to hang out at my place tonight. We’re probably just going to sit around, watch movies, and maybe have a few beers. I don’t get many opportunities to head home and visit my family these days, so it’s definitely nice when they find the time to come into the city and see me.