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Cheap VOIP Lines in the USA And Canada


I’m always amazed when I see what the larger voice over IP (VOIP) companies are charging these days. Last time I looked at Vonage, I believe they were charging around $30/month, plus an activation fee and equipment fee of around $70 at the start. So while you do get a lot of bells and whistles included in that price (caller ID etc), it’s still rather expensive in my mind. If you’re looking for something cheaper, and you have an Internet connection at home, here’s what you can do. First, you’ll need either a SIP softphone or an analog telephone adapter (ATA). A popular SIP softphone is CounterPath’s X-Lite which you can grab from CounterPath’s main website. Unfortunately, they only have a Windows version available, so Mac users need another option. At least for me, I’ve never really been a fan of using a headset to make calls on a computer. […]