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Ok, It's Hot


I gotta say, this week has been fairly insane in terms of heat. Given that I live inland now, it’s been a few degrees warming than in Vancouver. The other day, while camping, the humidex hit 45C up at the lake, which is actually hotter than the hottest day I experienced back in Ottawa when I lived there (which was 43C). Let me tell you, it’s hot. I just tossed some burgers on the BBQ here. I briefly debated just tossing them on the ground, as I’m pretty sure they would have cooked just as well down there. I just finished watering my tomato plants for the second time today, as they were starting to look a bit hot and droopy. I imagine I’ll have to water them again in a little while. Right now, I’m super thankful my apartment has central air here. Given that it’s powered by a […]