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Waves Coffee In Yaletown


A few days ago I started getting a soreness in my throat and lungs that has since progressed into what I figured was bronchitis. I hit the medical clinic in Yaletown tonight and got a full check-up, and sure enough, it’s what I thought it was. They’ve prescribed Zithromax, which should hopefully have me feeling a lot better in a day or two. After filling my prescription on Pacific, I decided to check out a new coffee shop that opened up there. The coffee shop is Waves Coffee, and it’s a quaint little spot right on the West Side of Yaletown. It reminded me a lot of the coffee shops I used to spend a lot of time at in Kitsilano back when I was a student. While Waves is definitely comfy looking, they also provide full 24 hour service as well as free wireless internet (as an added bonus, […]