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New Wedding Photography Section


It’s probably because it’s been so nice these last few days at home, but I’m actually finding myself itching to shoot another wedding this summer. To that end, I’ve started assembling a wedding photography section. It needs a lot of work, but at least I have something for now until I can spend a bit more time on it.

Weekend To-Do List


I’m so far behind on everything, it’s not even funny. Being in the hospital set me back over a week, and my recent trip out east set me back even further. I’m going to try and use this weekend to catch up. Here’s what I need to do. Tidy apartment and do laundry. I hate this part. Unfuck photoshop some how Mail photos to everyone Backup computer and free some space Install XP via boot camp so I can play games Finish wedding photos for Mike and Kim (sorry guys) Answer a bazillion emails that I haven’t yet. If I haven’t answered you, I’m sorry 🙁 If I have, feel lucky! Drink some booze to celebrate being off of antibiotics Catch up on Heroes season two Go outside a shoot a pile of photos. I haven’t done this in quite a while, and I miss it. On another note, seems […]

Lightscribe on the Mac


One of the pieces of technology I’ve always thought was pretty cool was the new Lightscribe CD burners out there on the market. Prior to Lightscribe technology, the best a home user could really do was to be an ink-jet printer, print out a CD label, and then mess with putting it on in the right place. Some companies tried to make blank CDs with actual, printable surfaces, but those didn’t really work. But somewhere, after a few beers, some genius came up with the great idea of simply etching the label on the CD using the laser built into the CD burner. And thus, Lightscribe was created. A sample CD burned using Lightscribe – photo from hp.com A while ago I was in Future Shop and saw a Lightscribe external CD burner for around $50. At that price, I thought, it would be cool to pick up so that […]

Photographing a Wedding


As I mentioned in my last blog entry, the other day I had a chance to photography my first wedding. All in all, it was a pretty rewarding experience. The day started at around 11am for me and Hesty. We suited up, did some last minute charging of equipment, and then got in touch with the groom. Normally the photographer heads over to the where the bride is getting ready for some photos, but Kim’s aunt wanted to do those ones, so I was relieved of that duty. We met Mike and the groomsmen down at the Holiday Inn in Langley to get ready. In true Chilliwack style, Mike, instead of hopping in the shower and putting his tux on, convinced everyone to head across the street to get a few beers. So, we started the day in the Shark Club, drinking beer with some old friends. After the groomsmen […]

My First Wedding


Last night I had the chance to photograph the wedding of two of my old friends. It was a great experience, and I’m fairly satisfied with how the photos turned out, considering how dark it was both outside and inside the reception area. I’ll do a full write-up on everything I learned about shooting a wedding, but right now I have a turkey to eat. I shot over 1000 shots at the wedding, and I’ve slowly been sorting them. I put about 150 or so of them on Flickr if anyone is interested. There are still more I have to process and put together, but there’s enough that it’s fairly good representation of the night.

Rehearsal Dinner


I’m in a hotel in Langley, and I’ve started to sort the photos from tonight. Having been to the location and having spent some time with old friends, I’m feeling a lot better about tomorrow. Danika, the flower girl I’m really glad I got a chance to try out a bunch of photos in a real setting, because I made a few mistakes that I likely won’t make tomorrow. I’m gonna keep this short, because I still have lots to do. Next blog entry will probably be Sunday after everything is over.

Back to work and wedding preparations


I nearly went into work today, but still felt a bit under the weather this morning and decided to rest a bit more. So tomorrow, I’m going to head into work and see if I can pull off a full day. I tried to go to the clinic tonight for a check-up, but there was over a two hour wait, so I’m going to try again in the morning on my way to work. Also, this weekend I’ll be attending Mike and Kim’s wedding as the primary photographer, which is both exciting and a bit stressful. It’s not hard to grab a camera and take a bunch of photos, but it is hard to be prepared, both technically and mentally, for all the little problems that can arise during the day. The one area I’ve been practicing a lot with is flash photography. While I’m not a huge fan of […]