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Getting Mobile


I love the smell of Saturday in the morning. The sleeping in, the sound of traffic that pulls me out of bed at 11am. It’s not very often I get full days to myself these days, so when I do get them, I definitely enjoy them. I’m just demolishing my second cup of coffee, and then will probably hit the open road for a few hours. I went by the hospital last night to see my friend Clay. Clay had a quintuple bypass surgery, but is doing relatively well. As I well know, being in the hospital totally sucks, so I’m gonna swing by for a bit. Then, who knows. Maybe down to Urban Fare to get some groceries. Maybe out to commercial drive to take some photos. I haven’t been outside with my camera in quite a while. I went over the internet real quick this morning to see […]

Monday Morning + Facebook


I’m currently at the internet cafe on Davie street killing some time waiting for a Dr’s appointment next door. I’ve been waiting for some test results from that whole stupid bacterial infection thing I got in the hospital last year. Not really sure what’s going to happen there. Tonight I’m also the official photographer for the Facebook Developer Meetup down at the Vancouver Film School. Rebecca (aka Miss604) will be down there doing the official live-blog, so make sure you check it out if you want to follow remotely. I’m looking forward to taking it easy next weekend. One of the things I’m historically not very good at is saying no to people. Lately I’ve been involved in so many things that I’m starting to feel spread a little thin. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing next weekend, but I’m probably going to turn my cell phone off […]