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WestJet’s Winglet Wednesday


We have limited flight options here in Canada, one of which is WestJet. Compared to some of their competitors, WestJet comes across as fun, receptive, and youthful, which is why I do my best to fly WestJet whenever I can. Every Wednesday, WestJet asks people via their Twitter stream (@westjet) to submit photos of the winglets on their planes. For those of you who don’t know, a winglet is the little tip that points up on the edge of the wings. Winglets technically increase drag on the airplane, but decrease the turbulence from wingtip vortices. In most cases winglets improve the airplane’s efficiency, causing it to use less fuel for the same flight. So not only does WestJet benefit financially from their use, but it also lowers the impact of the airplanes on the environment. I’ve taken quite a few photos of WestJet winglets over the years, but I’ve attached […]

WestJet Website Issues


So, I love WestJet as an airline. They are fun, funky, relatively cheap, and they fly out of Abbotsford, which is a way better location for me than Vancouver International Airport. That being said, their website doesn’t support Safari on the Mac (possibly just Safari 4), which I think in this day and age provides a pretty poor user experience. Here’s the notification you get when you fire up your browser: First, I’m glad WestJet supports an ancient browser like IE, but given what a forward thinking company WestJet is, I’d really like to see support for some more modern browsers such as Safari. If they don’t support Safari, that also probably means they don’t support Mobile Safari, which seems to be a pretty poor decision for a demographic that’s always on the move. Also, please, for the love of god, don’t recommend that people upgrade to IE 6. We’re […]

On My Way


I currently just flew past Kelowna, and according to the in-seat GPS unit, am hurtling across BC at around 32000 feet. It was raining on the ground in Vancouver, but the sun is shining way up here amongst the clouds. Latest weather report from the cockpit says it’s -6C in Calgary (I should have packed some warmer clothes), so it’s going to be a slight adjustment when I land. I spent the last 15 minutes reading all the emails I’ve been sent from the Junos media committee (something I probably should have done a few days ago). It turns out there’s a lot more going on than I originally realized, and I think I’m going to be fairly busy in the next 72 hours. The press conference starts around noon today and will feature Russell Peters as well as a live performance or two. The event is sponsored by CTV, […]

Juno Awards Coverage


On Friday morning I’ll be flying out to the Juno awards in Calgary. There’s a press conference at noon sharp where the media will get to view the entire setup as well as talk to Russell Peters, the host of the Juno Awards. I was originally going to fly out around noon, but I just got the email about the press conference so I might take the full day off and fly out at 7am, assuming I can change my flight. I’m still waiting on a few image assets from the Juno organization, but I’ve started putting together a page that I’ll use when I’m out there. If you can, please throw some link love at my 2008 Canadian Juno Awards Coverage page so that people can find it, and I don’t feel like an idiot writing entirely for myself. I’ll probably promote it to the front page (something I’ve […]