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What Do The Olympics Mean To You?


I went down to the Atlantic House the other day with Rebecca, John Bollwitt, and John Biehler. We did our best to help the Atlantic House with their excess beer problem, and eventually had to solicit the help of a few other people, namely Robert Scales and Kris Krug, who happened to be in the area and swung by. Since I had my video camera on me, I thought I would take a quick stroll and see if I could find out what some of the people in Atlantic House thought about the Olympics. The end result is this 13 minute video, which I’m hoping to have on Blip.TV and/or YouTube sometime soon.

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I’m planning to hit Vancouver on Saturday sometime and spend a week or so in the city checking things out. As I mentioned before, I’ll be working during the days, most likely near Gastown. At lunch and in the evenings I’ll hopefully be bouncing around with my camera, taking photos or checking out what’s going on outside of most official venues. I made a few small changes to this site to facilitate me writing posts during the Olympics. The main page has been changed to show Olympic related posts, and I’ve added a Flickr gallery to the bottom which will ultimately start showing all the photos I’ll be taking. I also set up a 2010 Posterous account over a 2010.duanestorey.com, which I’ll use to post things on the fly from my iPhone mainly. I’ve also set up an aggregated feed of all my content on this site as well as […]