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Why Do So Many Girls Date Douche Bags?


So, I’m sitting here camping, and trying to figure out just why it is that most cute girls ultimately end up dating complete Douche Bags. It’s almost universal to be honest, and while there are exceptions to the rule obviously, it’s something that I’ve never entirely understood. A friend of mine actually just got into a new relationship, and I’m pretty sure the guy ranks a nine or a ten on the Douche Bag Scale. It’s so obvious to me in fact that I really don’t understand how she possibly can’t see it. Interestingly enough, the last guy she dated was wearing a t-shirt that said “looking for a meaningful overnight relationship” the night they met, and yet despite that glowing warning sign, still ended up dating the guy. Strangely enough she said after the fact that the t-shirt should have tipped her off, and yet she didn’t realize it. […]

Women Only Conferences


So, I gotta ask, and I’m probably going to get raked over the coals for doing so. I’m curious as to why there are so many technology events that focus exclusively on women? Some of them actually look pretty good, and I’m actually a bit disappointed that I can’t attend. In fact, some of the people I really look up to in the community are female, which makes it all the more disappointing that I’m excluded by nature from some conferences. And that’s really my question I guess — why can’t I attend some of these events? Obviously there are a lot of women in technology these days. I’d be the first to point out that there are still more men (at least, the statistics tell me), but walking around Northern Voice or WordCamp San Francisco, I really couldn’t say whether there were more men or women there, which to […]

Single Is As Single Does


Being a single guy, every once and a while I find myself reading the personal ads in Vancouver. I used to do it thinking that there was the possibility of meeting someone online, at least someone with similar interests and what not to hang out and be friends, but it’s pretty clear most of the people on those sites these days just aren’t really the caliber of people I’m looking for. I actually met one of my girlfriends on lavalife years ago, and we hit it off and are still friends to this day, so I don’t think it’s completely unheard of (although people back then used to seem a bit more real on those sites). The Vancouver craigslist ads are particulary pathetic, and I browse them once and a while more for entertainment value than anything. Here’s a sample from tonight’s winners: I’m looking for someone to spoil me, […]

When To Let Go


So, something happened tonight that kind of irked me a bit. It was completely offset by the fact that I went out and did a pile of Christmas shopping, but all the same. When I was 17, I was at a summer party in Chilliwack at this guy Geoff’s house. Of course, being in a small town, we were all drinking our faces off at that point. Thankfully, most parties back then were in houses and everyone just spent the night, so for the most part we were all safe. Anyways, in walked these two girls, one of which completely caught my eye. I spent a bit of time talking to her and her friend, and ended up leaving with a really great impression of them both. They went to Chilliwack Senior, whereas I went to Sardis Secondary, so I had never met them before. This one girl, and I […]