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WordCamp San Francisco 2009


Yesterday was WordCamp San Francisco, and Rebecca, John Bollwitt, John BIehler, Dale and myself all attended. The night before we thought it was a good idea to sit around and drink margaritas until around 2am, so we were all a bit tired during the event. But it was a great event, and we’re all glad we made the trip down. Several fairly exciting things happened during Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word Presentation. First, Matt showed a slide which displayed some of the new profile information that is going to be coming to WordPress.org — BraveNewCode has actually been helping with that effort, so it was great to finally have some of it shown to everyone. Second, Matt displayed a list of the coolest three WordPress plugins, as voted by people on his Twitter stream. The first plugin that was shown, the third coolest plugin, was actually WordTwit. Dale and […]