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WordCamp Whistler In Review


I get the odd inquiry about the work involved in organizing a conference, particularly a WordCamp. Rebecca, John and I have organized several WordCamps, but WordCamp Whistler was undoubtedly the hardest of the bunch, mainly because none of us had the opportunity to assess the location until the night before. While the event was really successful in my mind (the speakers were great, the staff at the Fairmont were helpful, and everyone I talked to felt that they got good value from the event), in retrospect I might have organized something a bit more local. The costs associated with the […]

Political Sponsorship and Web Conferences


I was over at Derek’s blog this morning reading his article about the BC Liberal Party and their sponsorship of the Northern Voice social. Given that the BC Liberal Party was also a sponsor of WordCamp Whistler, and that I was one of the organizers, I thought I should share my thoughts on this. First, I want to point out the logistics of an event like this. Organizing WordCamp Whistler was literally two months of solid work. A few days prior to the event I was fielding well over 100 emails a day trying to keep the boat afloat, and […]

A Quickie


Don’t have much time this morning, but I wanted to give a quick update. First off, I had a shower before I went to bed last night. Unfortunately, I left the floor a little bit wet, something I realized at around 4am when I went to the bathroom and complete wiped out. Somehow I busted my hand open trying to stop myself from falling, and I bruised my shoulder pretty bad. I woke up with dried blood on my hand this morning, so I must have whacked it pretty good. This is my sixth last day of work, and then […]

WordCamp Whistler – Time To Buy Tickets


WordCamp Whistler is just around the corner, and we’ve already seen an increase in ticket sales these last few days. If you’re interested in coming, you should go ahead and buy your tickets now. Right now tickets are $35, but as of Friday, January 9th, they’ll increase to $40. The following Friday, January 16th, they will increase to $50, and shortly afterwards they will no longer be available. If you’d like to purchase your tickets, please visit our EventBrite page and pick up your tickets now. Included in the price of your ticket is a full day of WordPress-related talks, […]

WordCamp Whistler Update


I met with Rebecca and John tonight and we started finalizing the plans for WordCamp Whistler. We’re hoping to nail down a venue in the next week or so, at which time we’ll open up official registration. Given that we want to make the event as awesome and as interesting as possible, we’re going to be charging a small admission for the event. In addition, we’ll also be accepting sponsorship from a few organizations, which will hopefully cover the costs of the venue, and the social. Stay tuned in the next week or so for some official announcements. As of […]

WordCamp Whistler


Yes, that’s right people. How does going up to Whistler and spending a weekend boarding/skiing and talking about everyone’s favourite blogging engine, WordPress, sound? I suggested this briefly on Twitter tonight, and immediately got a message from Rebecca along the lines of “hell ya!” I emailed a hotel already tonight at the heart of the village to see what kind of group rates we could get in December or January. I think it would be awesome to go up for a weekend, hold a WordCamp during the day, and do afternoon/night skiing in the off time, or on the second […]