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60 Million Page Views And Counting


Wow, it’s only Tuesday, and already we’ve had quite the week so far at BraveNewCode. Yesterday we pulled the curtain back on a brand new Vision Critical site. Vision Critical was recently announced as the fastest growing company in British Columbia, and it was a lot of fun working with that team. Today Dale and I woke up and starting seeing some press about the new mobile versions on WordPress.com. WordPress.com is the free, hosted version of the WordPress platform, and currently has around 5 million blogs or so on it I believe. As of today, the iPhone plugin for WordPress that Dale and I created, WPtouch, is now live on WordPress.com, and is the default theme for all users viewing the site on an iPhone. That means roughly 60 million page views a month on WordPress.com will feature WPtouch. That’s obviously super cool, and we’re pretty excited about it. […]