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WPtouch 2.0: We Can See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel


We’re getting pretty close to releasing WPtouch 2.0 soon. We haven’t officially set a date, but the release will probably be counted using weeks, and can probably be counted using the fingers on one hand. We’ll hopefully firm that up next week. Dale wrote a pretty informative post over on BraveNewCode, so check it out. In short, we’ll be releasing a very reasonably priced paid version that includes support first, then will eventually roll out another free version using the new codebase. The major addition to WPtouch 2.0 is a new theme framework for creating mobile themes. WPtouch 2.0 will also ship with more than one theme, so that should be an exciting addition for people who use WPtouch. For more information, check out Dale’s post above, or following along at wptouch.com, or on BraveNewCode’s Twitter feed.