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WPtouch Pro 3.0: The Mobile Plugin For WordPress


Two days ago we finally pulled the veil off of WPtouch Pro 3.0, the mobile plugin for WordPress, which is a fairly substantial update to WPtouch Pro. Most of my family and friends know just how hard we’ve been working on it over the last few months, and especially these last few weeks. Last night we had a little party with a few employees and some company friends, and today most of us finally get to relax a little. The amount of effort we put into this launch we basically an order of magnitude larger than the one we did almost three years ago. As if it wasn’t hard enough launching just a new product, we also completely redid the website and support infrastructure. For the period of time the website was down on Thursday, we basically replaced our entire web infrastructure from top to bottom. The last launch I […]

WPtouch Pro 3.0: Only Two More Days


I’ll do a big post about the launch of WPtouch Pro 3.0 in a few days, but for now all I’ll say is that it has been a fairly massive undertaking that we started almost a full year ago. We’ll be revealing everything on Thursday, but for now everyone will have to make due with a quick teaser: If you’re interested in being notified when we launch in a few days, head on over to BraveNewCode.com and sign-up at the bottom. We’re definitely looking forward to pulling back the veil and showing everyone what we’ve been working on for quite a while now. WPtouch Pro 3.0: Now Available WPtouch Pro 3.0 is now available! If you’re interested in picking up a copy, then head on over to the main WPtouch Pro 3.0 product page and purchase a copy. WPtouch Pro 3.0 has a 7-day refund guarantee, so you can test […]



I’ve been busy lately, busier in fact that I’ve been in quite some time. WPtouch 2.0 Pro has been a lot of work and a lot of fun, and we’re getting ready to release it shortly. If you’re interested in checking it out, sign up for updates. WordCamp Vancouver is this weekend as well, and the last week especially has been a lot of work. The event is shaping up to be really great, so I’m definitely looking forward to being there. That said, I’m also looking forward to being on the other side of it so I can get back into my normal routine. With everything going on these last few weeks, I haven’t really been sleeping as much as my body would like. As a result I find I’m pretty drained, and have unfortunately been relying pretty heavy on caffeine, something I’m looking forward to reducing again shortly. […]

WPtouch 2.0: We Can See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel


We’re getting pretty close to releasing WPtouch 2.0 soon. We haven’t officially set a date, but the release will probably be counted using weeks, and can probably be counted using the fingers on one hand. We’ll hopefully firm that up next week. Dale wrote a pretty informative post over on BraveNewCode, so check it out. In short, we’ll be releasing a very reasonably priced paid version that includes support first, then will eventually roll out another free version using the new codebase. The major addition to WPtouch 2.0 is a new theme framework for creating mobile themes. WPtouch 2.0 will also ship with more than one theme, so that should be an exciting addition for people who use WPtouch. For more information, check out Dale’s post above, or following along at wptouch.com, or on BraveNewCode’s Twitter feed.

60 Million Page Views And Counting


Wow, it’s only Tuesday, and already we’ve had quite the week so far at BraveNewCode. Yesterday we pulled the curtain back on a brand new Vision Critical site. Vision Critical was recently announced as the fastest growing company in British Columbia, and it was a lot of fun working with that team. Today Dale and I woke up and starting seeing some press about the new mobile versions on WordPress.com. WordPress.com is the free, hosted version of the WordPress platform, and currently has around 5 million blogs or so on it I believe. As of today, the iPhone plugin for WordPress that Dale and I created, WPtouch, is now live on WordPress.com, and is the default theme for all users viewing the site on an iPhone. That means roughly 60 million page views a month on WordPress.com will feature WPtouch. That’s obviously super cool, and we’re pretty excited about it. […]

Mobile Poll


I’m trying to include some stats in my WordCamp Portland presentation. I was hoping everyone who reads this might be able to answer a few questions (please only vote for the topics that are relevant to you): [poll id=”16″] [poll id=”17″] [poll id=”18″] [poll id=”19″] [poll id=”20″] Based on the results from this, I might ask a few more questions. Thanks everyone.

Entry #22: The Importance Of Dynamic Content


As most people know, both WordPress and Drupal belong to the class of software known as content management systems (CMS). The benefit of these systems is that they allow users to create content easily, often by typing in content via a dashboard or some other simple form of entry. The actual HTML generation is taken care of by the CMS, allowing the user to focus on creating content without worrying about the details of the HTML. I’ve had my personal blog for nearly ten years now, and have been on WordPress for nearly three. As I write content, there’s always the implicit expectation that my content will come with me wherever I go in the future, no matter which CMS platform I end up choosing. With that in mind, it’s important for that content to translate properly as technology and our use of that technology changes (for example, screen resolutions […]