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Living In A Cave


I had a guy come up to me at work today (yes, you know who you are) and complain because my blog didn’t look good in IE6. If you’re using IE6, and you’ve having problems, here’s what you should do: Upgrade to a real browser!!! Seriously, Firefox is free and I believe so is IE7 now. I really don’t have the time to customize every theme for every browser. IE6 is old and it’s so not standards compliant it’s not even funny. Stop living in a cave and upgrade to something decent already. And if you don’t want to, then subscribe to my RSS feed and read my blog that way.

Thanks Canada Post


Some guy on eBay bought that broken lens off me a few weeks ago. They paid promptly and everything seemed fine, so I boxed up the lens in the original box and shipped it to California. I got an email today saying that they guy went and picked it up from the post office, only to find the box empty. So, somewhere along the way, somebody decided to help themselves. Of course, since the lens was broken, I didn’t add any extra insurance to it. That being said, I think there’s at least $100 included by default. But now I have the hassle of trying to sort all this out and will probably have to refund at least part of the guy’s money myself (which is also a pain since it’s not in my paypal account anymore). I’m waiting to get proof from his post office that the lens box […]