Every business owner relies on a plethora of tools to simplify the operation of their business and enhance the productivity of their lives. Here is a comprehensive list of the ones I use daily, as well as some of the services I use to host and maintain my web presences.

Web Hosting

This site is hosted at Digital Ocean. It’s on a $20/mo VPS that I mostly maintain myself, but since their platform is really stable I rarely have to do anything. One of the advantages of being on a VPS is I can do some things very easily (such as utilize free SSL certificates on my sites and backup to Amazon S3) – those items are not always easy to do with the typical shared hosting providers.

If you sign up from my link you’ll received a $10 credit towards your account. (Sign-up)


I’ve always used MailChimp for my newsletters. The interface has progressively gotten better over time, and it easily handles the newsletters for three independent groups that I look after.

They have both free and paid plans, so you can test it out without any financial obligation. If you sign up for a paid account with this link, you’ll received a $30 credit. (Sign-up).

Domain Names

All my domains are hosted at NameCheap, along with a few secondary services like email hosting. NameCheap is affordable and has around a long time, so I highly recommend them. (Sign-up).

Note – many of these sign-up links are affiliate links, which means I’ll get a small commission if you sign-up. The good news is that for many of them you will receive a discount as well. But while I do make a small amount of money from these, each and every one of the services in this page are ones I actually use for myself, so I’d recommend them regardless.