Best Travel Insurance In Canada

Last modified on September 29th, 2013

Not long ago I posted a few of my thoughts with regards to obtaining good travel health insurance for a year long trip. I wanted to clarify a few issues with regards to Canadian travel health insurance.

British Columbia’s MSP actually is only valid if a person is in the province for more than six months in any given calendar year. If a person is planning on being gone longer, then insurance should be reapplied for upon coming back. Outside of that, a person can make use of a two year exception to the rule once every five years, which is the route I took. But you can only go that route once in a period of ten years, so it’s not very helpful.

If you’re going to get travel insurance in Canada at a local insurance broker, chances are it will only be supplemental insurance, which means you have to have some other kind of primary insurance in tact for the duration of your trip. So it’s definitely a good idea to ask a few questions of the insurance provider before committing to it, especially if you don’t have primary insurance for some reason.

Another great option if you are looking to get travel insurance in Canada is to consider buying travel insurance through World Nomads, one of the best travel insurance providers on the internet. Not only do they have affordable travel coverage for Canadians who are going abroad, but you can easily purchase or extend your policy via their website at anytime.

I’ve used World Nomads for one of my trips, and so has my girlfriend. They are highly recommended by most expats and world travellers, so definitely consider buying travel insurance through World Nomads for your next trip. You can use the widget to the right to get a quick quotation now.

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