Round Two Begins

Last modified on August 30th, 2011

I was just lying in my hotel bed here in Richmond, about to go to sleep, when I realized I hadn’t written anything about heading out tomorrow. On the last round of travel I did, I couldn’t wait to write a post and get the ball moving. But with my cousin recently dying, and the last minute shuffle to get everything back into storage, I’ve actually been pretty wiped out lately.

But in about 12 hours I’ll be heading to Vancouver International Airport and getting ready to head to Thailand.

I have a 10.5 hour flight to Tokyo in the morning following by a 6.5 hour flight to Bangkok. Together that’s a whack of a time change plus 17 hours of flying, so I’m going to be pretty beat tomorrow night. Somehow I have to make my way to a little hotel near the airport for a few hours of sleep, then wake up and board another plane to Ko Samui where I’ll be meeting up with Scott and Samantha.

This is my last night in Vancouver for probably five months. Truthfully, I’m ready to get going again. It was great to come back from Europe and catch up with everyone again, but it just feels like the right thing to do to pick up and head out again.

Scott and Sam have been working hard on securing accommodation, and I think they found some pretty great places. I’ll post when it’s for sure, but it sounds like they’ve found a few one bedroom apartments in a new complex that has a pool, which would be great.

I’m definitely looking forward to meeting up with them in about 48 hours and hitting our first bar together. But until then, I have a whole whack of travel to do, so it’s likely I’ll be off the grid until then.

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