A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Last modified on March 7th, 2011

When I first started planning this trip, the thought of spending almost a full year in perpetual summer seemed like an amazing goal to shoot for. I mean, who wouldn’t want sunshine and warm temperatures all the time?

Truthfully though, I would love nothing more than to have a serious cold snap down here in Buenos Aires. It’s been around 28C or higher pretty much since I arrived. If that were a dry heat, it wouldn’t be too bad. But it’s very humid here, and it makes the heat seem that much worse. In fact, we’ve had 45C days here since I arrived if you factor in the humidity into the equation. And because of that, you can’t really leave a window open here otherwise the apartment instantly turns into a mini-sauna. Which basically means the air conditioner is running non-stop, and the windows are always closed, so there is no breeze.

Despite being the southern most city in the world, one of the main reasons I’m looking forward to visiting Ushuaia is to get a break from the heat for a few days. The temperature down there right now is around 7C – 12C, which will be a nice change. I’m looking forward to pulling out my light jacket here and walking around town sipping a coffee (assuming I can find some). It’ll also be nice when I hit Europe, as it’ll essentially be going into spring there, and the temperature should be a lot more moderate than down in South America.

And on that note, I have 22 days left here, and then I’m off. This upcoming weekend is really my last weekend on my own in Buenos Aires. The weekend after I’m in Ushuaia, and the one after that Henry is in town and we’ll likely be visiting some sites. Then it’s 16 hours of flying, New York City, and thankfully a bit of jacket weather for a while.

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